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11893 Montgomery Ave SW
Winsted, Minnesota 55395

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With the uncertainty surrounding near term restaurant openings, and an even greater uncertainty over the fall outlook, Carlson’s Orchard, Bakery & Restaurant has decided to suspend it’s Restaurant and Retail operations for the 2020 season. The health and well being of our guests and employees is our highest priority. Assuring so involves difficult choices, and we believe this suspension to be in the best interest of all.

We will continue to be active in 2020 in the Wholesale Apple and Bakery products, and our Pie Fundraising efforts, remaining hopeful that this difficult time will ease and that we can resume operations in 2021. Until then, be safe, and thank you for your past support.

Joe and Colleen Carlson


Driving Directions:


Follow the Blue Highway Service Signs guiding you to the Orchard!

From Hwy 7 headed west: Head North at Cty Rd. 1 toward Winsted. Travel 4 miles to Cty Rd. 5, turn left. Travel 4 miles to Cty Rd. 31, turn right, head north 2 miles to Carlson’s Orchard Bill board on left, then turn left.

From Hwy 7 headed east: Head North at Cty Rd 2 just east of Silver Lake. Travel 4 miles to Cty Rd 5, turn right. Travel 3 miles to Cty Rd 31, turn left, head north 2 miles to Carlson's Orchard billboard on left, then turn left.

From Hwy 12: Between Howard Lake and Cokato, head south on Cty Rd. 5. Travel 5 miles to Carlson’s Orchard billboard on right, then turn right.