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Fundraiser Newsletter, August, 2021

To our Pies Fundraiser Customers, and all of those interested in our Pies Fundraiser Program. 

Even with COVID issues of 2020, we continued to offer our fundraiser program, operating with 75% of previous years participants.  We had hope we turned the corner as we headed into 2021.

My life was rocked in July with the sudden passing of my wife and business partner Colleen.  We had been together 48 wonderful years, she suffered an illness that we both knew could end this way, we just didn’t expect it so soon!

As a result of this unimaginable loss, I have decided to not offer the Pies Fundraising program in 2021.  This will be the first time we have suspended this program since it’s 1998 inception, and we anticipate it will be for this year only, returning again for the 2022 season.

We will retain all inquiries into our program and send out an email early summer of 2022 announcing our program intentions for year 2022.  I wish to thank all of you who have helped make this wonderful program a success in the past, and ask for your understanding, as I just need some time off to grieve, and feel the program long term run will best be restored by this action.

All my best,

Joe Carlson

Carlson’s Orchard, Bakery & Restaurant

11893 Montgomery Ave SW

Winsted, MN  55395

c. 320-282-5913

Are you looking for the perfect fund raiser?
Tired of old fund-raisers and looking for something unique?

We have your solution!

Fund-raising for:

  1. Schools
  2. Teams
  3. Church Groups
  4. Charity Organizations
  5. Community Organizations
  6. Scouting Fund-raisers


What is a Take-n-Bake Frozen Pie?

The pies are made ‘contact free' at our farm bakery from fresh ingredients and immediately frozen without baking - we leave that to the customer. The customer places the frozen pie into the preheated oven for the prescribed time (baking directions provided). The result: a fresh baked pie with maximum flavor, texture, and the delicious aroma during baking!


How we help you sell your product?

With five products to choose from, it’s an easy decision for the customer. We provide an order guide, your ‘sales member’ completes one line on the order guide per customer (name, address, telephone, items, total) and arranges payment method determined by your organization at the time of order.


When is the best time of year to begin this fund raiser?

The timing of the fund raiser fits perfectly with fall and the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. We believe, “The perfect product for the perfect season!”


How are these products packaged?

Each dessert is produced contact free and packaged in a clamshell container with a clear overwrap film. The package front has an appealing full color label while the back of the package has easy baking directions, nutrition statement and ingredient list. The package doubles as an excellent storage container for left over dessert!


How is your product delivered to us and ultimately to the customer?

COVID-19 poses some challenges for delivery of product to your customer. In the past, we have delivered all products FROZEN to you at the time predetermined before your selling efforts began (as you would notify customers of the day they could expect delivery), your selling members in turn delivered to their customer that same day, shortly after we made the planned and complete order delivery to you.

For 2020: We will continue to offer non-contact delivery to your group at the predetermined time, date and location. We will also provide at N/C if requested, t-shirt bags for you to place individual orders into. How your organization makes delivery, or arranges customer pick up, drive through, etc., is something your organization will have to determine, following the suggested procedures, if any, in place at the time of distribution.


How do we learn more about the Carlson’s Orchard and Bakery Fundraising program?

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to contact us.

For any questions please email
or call Joe Carlson at 320-282-5913.

Marketing Materials

Order forms
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Apple Pie

Apple Pie


All American apple pie made with home grown Minnesota apples. Sliced sweetened apples and cinnamon with a tender flaky double crust. 40 oz. package


Apple Crumb Pie

Apple Crumb Pie


Sliced sweetened Minnesota apples and cinnamon in a tender flaky pie crust topped with a crumb-cinnamon streusel topping. 40 oz. package


Apple Crisp Pie

Apple Crisp Pie


Make any meal special with warm apple crisp topped with ice cream. Sliced sweetened Minnesota apples with an oatmeal cinnamon streusel topping. 36 oz. package


Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie


A traditional holiday treat that is everyone’s favorite. Made with Grandma Lucille’s secret recipe. 32 oz. package



Cherry Crumb Pie

Cherry Crumb Pie


If you like Cherry, you’ll love this pie! Filled with cherries and topped with our signature crumb topping. 37 oz. package.


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